How Mitera Can Improve Your Life

We empower you to manage and improve your health by providing healthcare and information that help you adopt healthy habits that will safeguard your health and well-being

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Why Choose Mitera?

Choose us because everyone here at Mitera Health works extra hard to bring you the best value Health Insurance in Nigeria with unmatched value and a personalized client service that is second-to-none. Our deployed enterprise healthcare software platform – the very first of it’s kind in Africa – was developed from the ground up by a multi-national team of expert engineers who have delivered a real industry-disrupting solution to Mitera Health, for your benefit!

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Our Mission

Our goal is to create healthier and more health aware communities that understand the value and importance of health and are fully committed take action to improve their health by making better choices.

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We’ve partnered with some of the most trusted companies in healthcare

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