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We empower you to manage and improve your health by providing healthcare and information that help you adopt healthy habits that will safeguard your health and well-being

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Mitera is a passionate health care organisation that seeks to set standards of excellence in health care by empowering individual and communities through synergy and provide them with the resources, information and care to live their best lives.

We provide full and comprehensive health care coverage to members by collaborating with the best hospitals to ensure delivery of high quality healthcare. We also educate and provide resources to promote healthy habits that ensure good health and longer life spans.

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We seek to set standards of excellence in health care by empowering individuals and communities through synergy...


Our Values

We stay on top of our game. Mitera is committed to excellence in delivery of health care service and operating at the highest standards. We constantly ensure continuous improvement in performance to deliver services that is in line with best practices and exceed all expectations.
2Integrity and Transparency
We do the right thing even when nobody is watching. We strictly comply with professional ethics and hold ourselves to high moral standards. At all times, we are open, honest and fair in our dealings with patients, healthcare providers, the communities we serve and ourselves.
3Compassion and Empathy
We always put ourselves in your shoes. Care should always be kind and compassionate. We are building a patient-centric community where everybody is important and treated with respect and dignity.
We dream and then we do... We are always learning and trying out newer and better ways of doing things. Mitera embraces change so we can discover solutions to beat global health challenges. We are building creative environments to stimulate fresh ideas.
In the end, we are all the same; human and equal…. We believe that there is unity in our diversity. Everyone, no matter who they are or where they are, has the right to a long healthy life and good healthcare to support that right. It is that simple.
If you want to go further, go together…… We work together with mutual respect by communicating and sharing resources with our partners, staff and community to provide the best healthcare services for our communities.

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