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Tune in to our engaging and informative conversations where we discuss a wide range of health topics specific to Africa. From disease prevention to mental well-being, the Mitera Health Podcast has got you covered

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Whether you're a healthcare professional, a student, or simply someone passionate about health, there's something here for everyone on the Mitera Health Podcast

Podcast Episode
Maternal and Child Health in Sub-Saharan Africa
🎙️  Mitera Health Podcast Episode

In this Episode, we discuss the challenges and initiatives related to maternal and child health in Sub-Saharan Africa. Explore topics such as maternal mortality, access to healthcare, and successful programs and interventions aimed at improving the well-being of mothers and children in the region

Podcast Episode
Traditional Medicine & Modern Healthcare: A Balancing Act
🎙️  Mitera Health Podcast Episode

The rich tapestry of African culture also includes traditional medicine. In this episode, we explore how traditional and modern healthcare can work together for better health outcomes

Podcast Episode
Addressing Malaria in Africa: Prevention and Treatment
🎙️  Mitera Health Podcast Episode

In this episode, explore the prevalence of malaria in African countries, its impact on public health, and effective prevention and treatment strategies. Interview healthcare professionals, researchers, and organizations actively working to combat malaria in Africa

Podcast Episode
Mental Health in African Communities: Breaking the Stigma
🎙️  Mitera Health Podcast Episode

This episode can delve into the stigma surrounding mental health in African communities, the impact of culture and tradition on mental health perceptions, and initiatives aimed at raising awareness, promoting mental health education, and providing support

Podcast Episode
Nutrition and Healthcare in Africa
🎙️  Mitera Health Podcast Episode

Explore the issues of malnutrition and food security across different African regions. Interview experts in agriculture, nutrition, and NGOs that are working to improve food access and quality in Africa. Discuss innovative solutions and sustainable practices

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