Useful questions and answers

1Can I choose where I am treated?
Mitera collaborates with severable reputable healthcare providers that deliver excellent healthcare general and specialised services. This ensures that the best consultant is always chosen for you, based on your medical needs at any given point in time. However, if you want to be being treated at a specific hospital that is not one of our healthcare providers, you can add the hospital to your plan and this will incur an extra charge.
2Where can I get a Maternity Savings Card® or any other Mitera Health Savings Card®?
You can get a Maternity Savings Card or any Health Savings Card for your health insurance by visiting any First Bank branch where you will be required to fill the appropriate forms. You can also give us a call at Mitera Health on our hotlines where a representative will guide you through the process.
3What is the Electronic Medical Record System?
The Electronic Medical Record System is an online portal to manage personal healthcare. With this tool, you can view your test results, records, bills, prescriptions and track your hospital appointments.
4How do I use the Electronic Medical Record Portal?
You will need a computer and internet connection. Once that is set up, follow the instructions to register for an account and provide a strong password to secure your information. After registration, click and follow the links to carry out tasks.
5What can I do with the Electronic Medical Record Portal?
With this portal, you can make appointments with your GP and consultants, check current plans, update plans and contact details, make payments and email your health provider questions through the portal. You can conveniently manage your health information by viewing your test results, a summary of your hospital visits with details, your medical history including all treatments and allergies and enjoying access to informative healthcare articles and tools.
You can communicate with Mitera Reps via the contact details provided 24 hours a day. Mitera can also contact you through the EMR portal.
6What are the advantages of an EMR System?
It allows access to all your personal health information in one place. If you see many healthcare specialists, all your results, medicines and records will be filed in the portal allowing better synchronising and ultimately better care and management. Your EMR is also synced to a health mobile app on all the mobile operating platforms where you will be able to view your Electronic Discharge Summaries (EDS) generated after every visit to the hospital. This enables you to access your health records as advocated by the World Health Organisation through the Personalised Health Record (PHR) system
7Can I use the EMR in an emergency?
No, it is advisable that you visit your hospital immediately in an emergency.
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