Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Have a look at our frequently asked questions and the answers to them to help you understand more of how Mitera Health is making health insurance easier, more flexible and most affordable for everyone

Your Mitera Health insurance coverage benefits include general and specialists consultations, secondary care (eye and dental care), emergency services, surgeries and more.
We offer graduated benefits, so the longer you stay on a plan, the more benefits you can access. The availability and limits of your health benefits are determined by the particular plan you are subscribe to.

You can click here to view the list of general health care benefits applicable to all Mitera Health insurance plans.

You can get these products of ours on our healthcare plans page.
Or simply go to our contact us page and start a conversation with one our ever-ready Customer Relations Managers.

The Electronic Medical Record system is an online portal to manage personal healthcare.
You can access this via the Mitera Health app or MApp® as well as through the Mitera Health website on

With this tool you can make hospital appointments, view your health records, test results, drug prescriptions and hospital bills.


You can chose your primary care hospital from a list of our available partner hospitals at the time of your enrolling to a Mitera Health insurance plan.
It is advisable that you choose a hospital close to your home, place of work or anywhere else you consider convenient.

There is none because Mitera Health insurance plans operate just the same as a regular insurance policy.
The premium is not refundable.

You send in your questions or complaints by calling our 24/7 Customer Relations Managers on +234 9099 309 550, or by sending an e-mail to;

You can also reach us via our website Live chat, WhatsApp support line and social media handles.

Kindly send an email with your request to, stating the name of the new hospital you want to use.

You would receive a follow-up response from our Customer Relations Team confirming the effective change dates.

You will receive a Mitera Health welcome pack, which will include your Mitera ID card and a member handbook that contains all the information about your health plan that has all you need to understand how the service works.

You will then be required to proceed to hospital to do your health check as part on enrollee onboarding procedure.


We have built an innovative, first-of-its-kind, personalizable user-friendly mobile app (called the MApp) to cater to the unique needs of our esteemed enrollees, clients and care provider hospital partners.

We accept online payments using cards and bank transfers. You can also pay via bank deposits and other banking wallets.

Contact us for more information.

Do you need to speak to us about your insurance plan health benefits, payment, enrolment, or any other issue at all, a Mitera Health Customer Relations Manager is available 24 hours a day to attend to you. You can also reach out to us via the following contact channels.

Telephone: 234 9099 309 550
WhatsApp: 234 9099 309 550

Facebook Messenger: @MiteraHealthNG
Twitter: @MiteraHealthNG
Instagram: @MiteraHealthNG

This is the amount you pay in exchange for access to an agreed set of benefits for a fixed period of time.
Premiums can differ because of the number of people to cover, the amount of coverage to be enjoyed or specific choice of care provider hospitals.

Enrollees to our health plans get the advantage of roaming across our hospital provider network by default. This way, you don’t need to be stuck with one hospital if you want a change.

Just go to a new provider in our network. Some of our plans may specify a particular hospital, especially our corporate plans. If your plan is one of these, just find a hospital close to you on our care provider network and let us know.

Any adult citizen over the age of 18 years is eligible to apply for a Mitera Health insurance plan and commence enrollment coverage.
The maximum age requirement is 60 years

Yes, you can If that hospital is registered in the Mitera Health provider network.

An exclusion is a health condition, medical procedure or service that is not covered by your health plan.
Any benefit that is not listed explicitly on your health plan is an exclusion.

Please always endeavor to seek necessary clarification where needed by contacting our Customer Relations Managers.

No problemo!

Just head over to our Contact us page and reach out to any of our Customer Relations Managers via any of our official contact channels.
A member of that team will happily attend to you at any time of the day.

Please call our Client Care team on +234 9099 309 550 to make enquires or enroll in any of our health insurance plans

Our phone lines are open 24/7. Please note that we may record or monitor our phone calls for quality assurance purposes