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Mitera Health

Mitera is a passionate health care organisation that seeks to set standards of excellence in health care by empowering individual and communities through synergy and provide them with the resources, information and care to live their best lives..

We provide full and comprehensive health care coverage to members by collaborating with the best hospitals to ensure delivery of high quality healthcare. We also educate and provide resources to promote healthy habits that ensure good health and longer life spans. The various options available help you get the perfect type of coverage for your budget and needs.

Dr. Gbeminiyi Onabanjo


Our goal to create healthier and more health aware communities that understand the value and importance of health and are fully committed take action to improve their health by making better choices.

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Our Mission

To improve the lives of every Nigerian and ensure a healthy population by access to good quality and cost effective healthcare services

To promote health awareness and healthy living by the spread of relevant, updated information and important resources to properly educate and debunk health myths that stifle the health improvement of communities

To promote healthy living by encouraging lifestyle changes and development of healthy habits

To reduce healthcare disparities, promote healthcare equity by and create a healthy nation by synergy

To change the healthcare story in Nigeria and create a new future by reducing mortality rates and increasing life expectancy

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